Midwest Bore Repair
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MBR Equipment
MBR Equipment
Fully equipped and stocked Ford F-550 service truck with 5000 lb. crane, 25 CFM air compressor, 300 amp welder and torch set.

MBR Equipment
MBR Equipment

-Lincoln Vantage 500 amp welder/generator and leads, trailer mounted.

-Various welders & power sources from 180 amp to 350 amp MIG and TIG and pulse, shop and suit case style wire feeders

MBR Equipment

-2—Bortech 306ZM bore welders including nozzles to weld ID holes from 7/8’’-19’’
-Push pull feeder system
-Trammel torch for OD welding 2’’- 28’’
-Compact face torch 2’’-19’’

MBR Equipment

-BB5000 portable line boring kit capable of boring holes from 1.5’’-12’’ in size with electric or 5 hp. hydraulic drive. 
-Bars ranging from 4ft. to 12ft. in length.
-Adjustable facing and standard facing and grooving heads with snap ring groove capabilities 2.5’’-19’’with 10 single arm and double arm bearings and standoffs.



BB3000 portable line boring kit capable of holes 1.5’’-5’’ with 1 ¼’’ bars, 4’-6’-10’ in length and 8 bearings

Hypertherm 65 Plasma cutter cutting plate to 5/8” thick

Micrometers ranging in ID 1.5’’-36’’ and OD to 18’’

Portable keyway cutter having 6’’ of stroke cutting 1.25’’ keyways.

Enerpac hollow cylinders ranging from 20 ton -100 ton with electric or air pumps and various lengths of 10 ton cylinders

Arc Air slice torch with ¼’’ and 3/8’’ rods and carbon arc gouging to 3/8’’ carbons

Milwaukee magnetic drill for annular cutters and twist drills and #2 morse taper drills

30 liter Liquid Nitrogen dewar and 180 liter bulk tank

3200 ft. pound torque multiplier with sockets to 3.5’’

Track torch w 12 ft of track

3’’-8’’ pipe beveller

Portable hardness tester

Ultrasonic thickness gauge measuring .040 - 2’’

30 years of collecting hand and power tools that are to numerous to mention.


** Up to date insurance and MSHA cards **


Portable Line Boring


The Bortech welder is far more consistent and faster than hand welding resulting in less time machining which results in lower repair costs. Also holes that are out of reach and too small to hand weld can be repaired. Horizontal, vertical or inverted.



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