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Portable Line Boring

With the equipment we have we can bore hole from 1 ½ through 12’’and span an area of 6 feet keeping within a tolerance of .001 of an inch with a 1 ¼’’ or 2 ¼’’ boring bars. With drive and feeder mounted in any position on the bar running in vertical or horizontal positions. This machine will also accommodate boring adapters to 24’’ and boring bars available to span 12 feet to handle the big jobs with a little advanced notice it can be shipped in from manufacturer.



Portable ID Welding

This welder is completely automated and can be set up on its own adjustable base or onto the boring bar mounts to save in one setup time while boring a set of holes. This process is how the hole's wore or elongated base material is replaced to get the hole to an undersize allowing it to be bored out back to new specs without the use of bushings. It uses a 70,000 psi tensile strength wire in a MIG type welding process which in most cases is stronger than the base material. By welding the hole with the borewelder you get a very even and consistent bead of weld that can easily be machined out to fit the new pins or bushings as with welding by hand were you have high and low spots that need extra machining or extra welding all which takes time and money. With the many adjustable torches it can weld ID holes ranging from .88''-27'' with just using the proper torch with a 6'' stroke that can be repositioned for longer bores. This borewelder's complete range is from .5''-54'' with a few modifications to the machine to accommodate the extreme sizes. The torches to weld the different size holes are fairly low cost compared to the machinery being repaired and available in as little as 3 days so if I don't have the size for the job they are still readily available.


Portable Face Welding

Face welding is a process used on excavator sticks and bucket bosses among other places to replace worn off material. This setup will allow you to build the surface up in a range from 1’’-20’’ with one to several passes and can be ran in all positions if needed, with flat and horizontal being preferred. Depending on application it can then be faced off with boring bar attachment to look like new again. This can be done to get rid of using shims and tightening your equipment up to get it back to new specs.



Facing-Grooving Heading

With the facing – grooving attachment you can machine a surface 90 degrees to the bar in a range from 2 1/2" - 19" after it has been face welded to return your equipment back to within new specs. This attachment will also cut snap ring grooves and o ring grooves in the same size range with as little as 6.6" - 13" of swing radius for it to work in, depending on applications.


On Site OD Welding

With the borewelder we can weld on the outside diameter to build it up for machining in lathe or hardsurfacing it it to prevent wear from recurring.


Portable Keyway Cutter

The portable keyway cutter can cut a 3/16''-1''keyway in a matter of minutes. The big time saver is little or no tear down of your equipment to do the necessary repairs. It will cut a 1'' wide by 1/2'' deep by 6'' long keyway in about 4 minutes. It has 6 '' of stroke and will cut up to 1 3/4'' deep. The cutter needs a minimum of 1 1/2 inches to mount to shaft on end of straight or tapered shafts and will also mount in center. It will clamp on to a shaft from 3/4'' to 10 1/2'' in diameter to do its work, it is fairly small for the work it will do at 12'' x 12'' x 7'' and weighing in at about 70 lbs with a bigger version available to me if needed that will cut up to a 3 1/2'' keyway with 8'' of stroke on 4-24'' diameter shafts. Typical applications are OD & ID Keyway cutting, slotting & cross milling in Conveyors,water pump shafts and motors, crankshafts, paving machines & chippers. It will also cut motor mount slots for mounting motors in new constructions.


Portable Line Boring


Machines can be repaired on site or in your shop saving transportation costs and lost production time by getting the machine back on the job and into production in the shortest amount of time. Machines that are too large to haul without disassembling, can be repaired onsite withoutcostly teardown.



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